TOUR DATES POSTED - The MAB "Speed Kills" 2020 TOUR! NEW album drops in early 2020!

MAB instructional programs from Metal Method - "Speed Kills"


All MAB instructional DVDs and downloads are sold exclusively by Metal Method Productions. You can find all of Michael's instructional programs at Metal Method from his original "Star Licks" video, which is the very first "shred" video ever, his iconic "Speed Kills" program to the most recent MAB instructional works there.

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Michael has influenced the worldwide guitar community and changed the way people play guitar. His lessons have inspired major artists such as Tom Morello, John Petrucci, Dimebag, Michael Romeo, Corey Beaulieu, Herman Li and many more. People all over the world use Michael's concepts as teaching guides and Michael's influence spans generations. These instructional programs are "moments in time" that will change the way you play for the better, forever!


SPEED KILLS and MAB's "Star Licks" programs are available exclusively through Metal Method!

Michael's lessons focus on YOU.